Auctions are an age-old method of selling property. From the early years of the settlers to today’s modern world nearly everything has been traded by auction. Today’s auctions are seen as a choice place to do business both for buyers and sellers alike. Sellers can successfully disperse assets in a short period of time with limited stress or negotiations. Buyers can purchase everything from real estate to equipment to antiques direct from sellers through the open bidding process where they set the price. With today’s technology auctions are stronger and more popular than ever. Whether LIVE or ON-LINE Auctions remain the “Marketing Method of Choice”.

With a lifelong agricultural background we have a special interest in this area. VanKlaveren Auctions Inc. develops an auction proposal to suit every customer’s unique requirements. This proposal covers all the details of having an auction including auction fees, advertising budgets, auction setup costs, cleaning expenses and whole lot more.

In fact, we can handle all the details for you, from setup to settle up. Considering a farm auction for your farm and/or equipment?

VanKlaveren’s focuses on the sale of assets for private and public companies, insolvency and financial institutions, as well as leasing companies.

Allow us to put our knowledge, experience and marketing skills to work for you.

If you need to sell property quickly & efficiently while securing the best market value, then you need to talk to VanKlaveren Auctions Inc. first.

If you are moving from the farm, settling an estate or perhaps liquidating a subdivision, the benefits of selling real estate at auction are proven. Call VanKlaveren Auctions Inc. to discuss your situation and arrange for a no-obligation meeting to view your real estate and contents

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